Church in Lubbock Texas

Who Is LakeRidge Baptist Church
in Lubbock, Texas?

Here at LakeRidge Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, we believe that Jesus Christ alone holds the power to save mankind from eternal destruction in Hell.

He extends the gift of grace to anyone who believes by faith that Jesus is the Son of God and places their faith in Him.

LRBC sends God’s message of grace, revealed in the Bible, all over the world through our cooperative Missions work with the Baptist Missionairy Association (BMA) of America and the BMA of Texas.

We directly support missionaries financially and connect with numerous local and world-wide entities to reach people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Kids Ministry serves the needs of young families with small children.

Our childcare area includes a room for nursing mothers, a room dedicated to the care of bed-babies, a room for toddler care, and a room for pre-school classes.

The Student Ministry has its own contemporary worship band and has a worship service each Wednesday night. Throughout the year, the Student Ministry also has regular times of fellowship and fun attending events like concerts, youth rallies, or summer camp.

The Men’s Ministry is active in Bible study and meets monthly for a time of men’s fellowship over breakfast with a keynote speaker.

The Women’s Ministry meets monthly for Bible study and encouragement and serves in outreach opportunities within the community.

LRBC Beliefs

LRBC stands on the biblical teaching that marriage is created by God and involves the joining of one man and one woman.

LRBC believes in the sanctity of life. This means that life begins at conception and a baby in the womb is a person. Therefore, every unborn baby has the right to live.

LRBC believes that gender is assigned by God at conception in the womb.